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Criminal Court of Appeal

Cases of the Courts of General Jurisdiction, which have not come into legal force and in the exceptional cases stipulated by the Criminal Procedure Legislation, cases referring to the judicial acts which have come into legal force, are under the jurisdiction of the Criminal Court of Appeal (hereinafter Court). A judicial error, such a violation of material or procedural right, which has influenced or could influence the outcome of the case, is a ground for lodging an appeal. 

The Court reviews the judicial act within the frameworks of the grounds and justifications of the appeal. Complaints lodged against the judicial acts deciding the case on merits of the Courts of General Jurisdiction are examined in the Court collectively, by a bench of three judges, and complaints lodged against judicial acts not deciding the case on merits by a single judge. The case examination is administered in the Court by the rules stipulated by RA Criminal Procedure Code, as well as by the rules of cases examination in the Court of Cassation. The judicial acts of the Court come into legal force after one month from the moment of their promulgation.
The Court is formed of the Chairman of the Court and 15 judges. 

The Chairman of the Court is a Judge and has the following authorities:
1) provides the regular activity of the Court;
2) follows the judges’ maintenance of working discipline;
3) follows the judges’ meeting of the case examination deadlines, submits his/her conclusion on the violations of case examination deadlines to the Ethics Committee of the Council of Courts Chairmen;
4) upon detecting a violation of the requirements of Ethics Code by a judge, if necessary, submits a relevant notification about it to the Ethics Committee of the Council of Courts Chairmen;
5) provides leaves to judges by the order established by law;
6) in case of a judge’s leave or other temporary absence, redistributes cases in the judge's proceedings, upon necessity;
7) in case of the Court Chairman’s leave or other temporary absence, appoints a replacement;
8) supervises the activity of the Court’s staff;
9) represents the Court in the relationships with other bodies;
10) exercises other powers vested to him by law. 

The Court has a staff, which is a separated subdivision of RA Judicial Department and serves to provide the regular activity of the Court. The staff's legal status and order of activity are defined by RA laws, by Charter of the staff, by the founder’s decisions (orders) and by other legal acts. 

The Court can be applied to by submitting the documents to the Court Office or delivering them by post.
The judicial territory of the Court is the territory of the Republic of Armenia. 

The Court is located in Yerevan city, at 23 Garegin Nzhdeh address.
Telephone: 44-88-94 (107).

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